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All you need to know about White Tea

White Tea, called Bai Cha (pronounced ‘buy char’) in Chinese, has become more and more popular in recent times in the West thanks to the intensive (and often confusing) marketing done in relationship to its unique taste and health enhancing properties.

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From leaf to cup – Tea manufacturing 101

The production of tea is a mix of art and science. A lot of skill is involved, and getting a better understanding of what goes into our favourite beverage makes you appreciate your cup of tea even more.

In our previous article we have given an overview over how each type of tea is manufactured, whereas here we’ll dive into a bit more detail.

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How tea is manufactured – an overview

So far we’ve seen how the plant variety and the terroir influences the taste of a tea.

Today we’ll focus on the third and last but probably the most important aspect that determines the taste: the manufacturing process.

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Terroir – What it is and how it influences the flavour of Tea

The concept of terroir has emerged as a key parameter for flavour over the past few years, and the wine industry has done a particularly good job at highlighting its importance. But what exactly do we understand by “terroir”, and what role does it play in tea?

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Getting up close and personal with Camellia sinensis [infographic]

There are three factors that determine the taste of a tea: the plant variety, the terroir and the manufacturing process.

Today we’ll explore the first of these factors, the plant variety, in a bit more detail – don’t worry, we’ll keep things simple!

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The 3 factors that make the taste of a tea

Here’s an astonishing fact: tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, after water! In the UK alone, we drink an incredible 165,000,000 cups of tea every single day – far more than coffeeHowever, despite being such prolific tea drinkers, we don’t seem to know much about tea.

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