Taste for Tea was born from a love for tea. And by tea we mean pure, high quality, authentic loose leaf tea. The kind of tea that reflects a tea master’s skills and the traditions of a country. The kind of tea that makes you travel to a world of flavour with every sip you take.

Fine tea has been produced for 4,000 years. But here in the UK tasting tea’s deeper flavours and nuances, and connecting with it is often still seen as an exercise for intellectuals.

We are here to change that. It is our ambition to connect people with tea and help them discover it and understand it from the comfort of their homes with our fun and easy-to-follow tea tasting subscription.

We are still working on a few details but are not far from launching. If you love tea and want to learn more about it but don’t know where to start, register at tastefortea.com so we can keep you informed about our launch.

We hope you will join us on this wonderful journey of discovery and thank you for supporting us.